Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coming Soon...

So friends, this blog has generally, over the last two years descended into lameness...such is the fate of oh-so-many blogs out there.

And pretty much the only things I'm still interested in blogging about are things I knit or foods I cook. Our adventure into buying food directly from the farm is an adventure in and of itself, so methinks the blog should head in that direction...I mean seriously, how many people do we know that go to a farm every Thursday to pick up their weekly supply of vegetables and fruit? Not too many...but we do.

And actually, Clay and I have become more interested in the last few months in really cultivating a creative life, so maybe that's a good blog: "Cultivating Creativity." I'm going to sit on that...anyways...I'm still here, and my blog has reduced to twitter. So, you can follow me there until I figure out what to do with this.



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