Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't Cry for Them

The Coshocton Camels suffered a tough 89.70 to 87.41 loss to the Masked Men (team manager, Clay's dad) in Game One of Fantasy Football 2007.

The starting lineup is certainly pretty:

QB - Matt Hasselback (Sea)
WR - Hines Ward (Pit)
WR - Joey Galloway (TB)
WR - Marty Booker (Mia)
RB - Tatum Bell (Det)
RB - Brandon Jackson (GB)
TE - Marcus Pollard (Sea)
K - Josh Brown (Sea)
D - Seattle

but neither of these teams are any match for the cunning plays of Sean's fiancee Rachael's Hei Bao's, who beat her nearest league opponent by 24 points. It certainly helps to have the #1 draft pick Peyton Manning along with the Chicago Bears defense. Not too shabby.

Zombie! Zombie!

It's not everyday that you get to see real live zombies attack a city bus.

But, that dream became flesh and bloody-blood reality for brother Sean, sister-in-law-to-be Rachael, and I as we traversed down a perfectly normal looking street in Vancouver, BC (a breezy 2 hour drive from my home...2.5 hours if customs is slow-going).

The trip was destined for interesting things from the start. First, we headed up to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which promised the following:

"Your pulse quickens as you step onto the swaying planks of Vancouver's first visitor attraction. Breathe in the cedar-scented rainforest air as you make your way across Vancouver's famous landmark. Only minutes away from downtown Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge takes you to the natural splendor of rainforest trails through magnificent evergreens and the unique perspective of Treetops Adventure, a walk high in the trees."

Who wouldn't want to go there?

But we were soon doomed...on the drive to Vancouver's north side, Sean goes, "Too bad this places is going to be cool...otherwise we could call it the 'Suck-spension' Bridge." He spoke too soon.

Five minutes later we arrived, we parked, and we fed the meter. But upon nearing the entrance, we were informed that the fee to this glorious bridge was $26.95. Are you freaking kidding me? To walk across a bridge?

It was too painful for Sean and Rachael to consider, especially having so recently been ripped off by the Royal Gorge bridge in Colorado.

So we thumbed our nose at the 26.95 sucks-pension bridge and made our way back into Vancouver to pursue something exciting and free.

As we drove back into town, we passed some teenagers covered in blood and wearing ripped up shirts. Sean and I had a minor freak out--thinking that Vancouver was home to some people with a freaky zombie fetish. Gross. I've known of people dressing up like Star Trek or Anime characters, but zombies?

Once again, Sean was prophetic: "Wouldn't it be awesome if we get to the art museum, and there are zombies all sprawled out and bloody on the front steps?" As we neared the art museum, we began to spot more and more zombies, until we finally passed the art museum, where we observed no less than 300 zombies partying in the front lawn. WHAT?!

We parked the car as quickly as possible and ran up the stairs to the art museum to soak it all in. Zombies were everywhere! We were so, so happy! This was amazing, AND we didn't even have to pay $26.95 for it!

About an hour later, as we were strolling down the main drag, looking at shops and having a good time, Sean cries out, "Loook! They're marching!" It was true! The zombies were marching towards us on the sidewalk...and they spilled out into the city street and attacked a bus. Us--and thousands of other passersby--just stood there shocked, watching it all transpire while a mother comforted a small child in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

It's not everyday that you get to see zombies attack a city it should be.