Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Things I'm Learning

  1. How to do a capital campaign. (Plan, Plan, Plan, Ask, Follow Up.)
  2. How to make mayonnaise from scratch. (egg yolk, other stuff, start blender, drizzle oil...slowly)
  3. How empathy evokes love and grace. (it just does. put yourself in someone else's shoes, see life through their eyes, and there's so much compassion to be had.)
  4. How to negotiate with printing companies for good deals. (easy during recession. they ask for chances to outbid other guy.)
  5. How to wake up before 8am. (inevitable when sun is up at 6am.)
  6. How to gross out a teenager. (talk about their parents kissing.)
  7. How to keep a plant alive. (Try, pray, fail, move plant, try again.)
  8. How to make your bed everyday. (Hire a bed-maker.)
  9. How to eat well. (buy only things that grow on farms, not things that were created in labs.)

1 comment:

wren said...

Things I am learning: how to silence the voices in my head. Oh wait, that's not new. That's ongoing.

A new thing: how to navigate the waters of colonial and postcolonial discourse in an engaging way.